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Wild Foraged/Gourmet Mushrooms 2017 

   If you own a gourmet restaurant in Canada, you should get on the wild mushroom bandwagon! Not only more nutritious than their cultivated relatives, wild mushrooms are always more delicious and more aesthetically appealing! I currently sell my wild gourmet mushrooms to 4 local restaurants, 

Listed below are the available/will be available, gourmet mushroom species for the fall & winter months 2017. Mushrooms are picked and delivered to destination within 24 hours, ensuring the finest in quality and freshness. We can fly any freshly picked mushrooms overnight, anywhere in Canada.

For this reason, we ask that you email us a contact number to fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com and let us know you are interested. Once the mushrooms begin popping, we will call you and inform you of what is available and you can then place an order. Otherwise, you can email us your order. 

Gourmet, Wild Foraged, Nature Grown: 2017 Dried Mushrooms

Although the 2017 mushroom season wasn't the best season ever, Fungicopia still had a record year. I have several rare gourmet mushroom species that are hand picked and dried, by myself. Only the absolute highest quality, as I only pick perfect specimens. *I do not sell little pieces of dried mushrooms, or powder. I cut perfect samples into slices and dry completely within 15 hours. If you want the highest quality gourmet mushrooms, get in touch with me. View the Marketplace for my 2017 Collection!

Why do dried mushrooms cost so much $$$$??

Mushrooms are about 90% water and dehydrating them properly, will leave you with about 10% of your original fresh mushroom. This means if you buy Morel Mushrooms, Fresh Picked, for $20per lb, you would be getting just over 1oz dried weight, for $20. In the end, the price is actually the same, because when you rehydrate the dried mushrooms, they will return to their original weight, or close to it. Some people prefer fresh mushrooms, other people enjoy the flavour change that the drying process creates. Drying your mushrooms is the best method for long term storage. For some mushrooms, like Chicken of The Woods, dehydrating doesnt work so well. For these types of mushrooms, you must cook, then freeze the mushrooms, for later use.

Why Choose Fungicopia Mushrooms? What You Can Proudly Tell Your Customers 

   Gourmet mushrooms are quickly working their way into fine North American culture/cuisine and demand for the tasty forest treasures is increasing by the day. Such delicacies as: Pine Mushrooms, Chicken of The Woods, Lions mane, Maitake, Blewits, King boletus, Lobster Mushrooms, Cauliflower Mushrooms, Chanterelles, and Morel mushrooms can now be found at top quality restaurants and markets all over Canada. 
So... what sets our mushrooms apart?
1 - QUALITY! We only pick the most choice specimens, leaving the rest to drop spores. We pick and deliver within 24 hours, so all our produce is the guaranteed freshest. We also have very reasonable prices, considering how much work and planning goes into getting these tasty mushrooms fresh from the wilderness.
2 - SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES! First and foremost, I have a deep passion and love for nature and believe we should all do our part to preserve what little, we have left. When I forage mushrooms, I make absolutely certain not to disturb the tender environment around me and respect all organisms present. I cut the mushrooms at the base, or carefully pluck, ensuring the mycorrhizal mycelium is left intact and healthy. I have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge pertaining to forest ecosystems, especially when it comes to the symbiotic relationship between fungi and flora species. When im not growing or picking mushrooms, im working on forest remediation projects. To date, I have planted aprox. 1,200,000 trees into clear-cut areas in northern British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.
3 - VARIETY!  If you're looking to impress customers or guests and want to stand out as unique, why not serve something incredible? Something they have definitely never enjoyed before. Mushrooms so rare, you can boast you're the only place serving them in the country! We forage a multitude of different gourmet mushrooms, from numerous old growth forests across Canada. Ranging from Terrace & Northern Coastal British Columbia to Shawinigan, Quebec, we are simply the only dependable place to find rare, gourmet mushrooms! We are always on the hunt to find and try out different mushroom species. We have many recipes and preparation methods for each variety, which will be posted eventually. With all the different species we pick, you can offer new dishes every week! Your vegetarian and vegan customers will absolutely adore you for it ;)

Fresh Wild Foraged Mushrooms(Rare & Elusive)

NOTE: If you're interested in serving a real rare dish or know you'll need a particular type of mushroom, you can pre-order or get your name on my contact list for when the mushrooms are foraged. Because of the rarity of the gourmet mushrooms we forage for and in order to maintain perfect specimens for our customers, we recommend you contact us and let us know. We'll contact you when the mushrooms have been picked and air ship anywhere overnight(within Canada). This way, you can serve your mushrooms in pristine condition, within 48 hours of being plucked from the ground!

Available Cultivated Mushrooms(Year Round)

Pink Oysters -  Pleurotus salmoneostramineus

$15 per lb

Golden Oysters - Pleurotus citrinopileatus

$15 per lb

Shiitake - Lentinus edodes

$16 per lb

King Oysters - Pluerotus eryngii

$18 per lb

Lions Mane - Hericium erinaceus
$15 per lb

Maitake - Grifola frondosa

$22 per lb

Nameko - 

Blue Brat Oysters - Pleurotus ostreatus

$15 per lb

Bears Tooth


White Elm Oyster