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Upcoming Events, Seminars, & Classes

   On this page, you will find all the new updates and upcoming fungi events. This includes upcoming Lectures, Seminars, and Foray dates and times. Currently, there is never enough hours in a work week and I find it hard to keep up with my customers. As my business becomes more regular and manageable, I will be able to devote more time to community projects and community events. I love helping people with their understanding of the wild world of mushrooms. If you are lucky enough to come to one of my lectures, seminars, or spend a day out in the woods with me; you will absorb more invaluable information, than you could ever learn from a book or online. I try my best to be modest, but I know of no other individual in Canada who has a similar experience level, with such a diverse set of fungi skills.

**Note: I used to hold a lecture every week, but there was not enough people signing up to make it worth the preparation time and effort. I will more than likely hold a large lecture/tutorial every few months, so pay attention to the dates!

Some of the tickets are only available at the 400 Market, but for some, you can purchase your ticket and confirm your spot, right on this page.

The First Annual: Waubaushene Foragers Gala!!

UPDATE: The First Annual Foraging Gala Has Been Postponed Until Fall of 2019. Im too busy this year and I have to prepare to head out for the Matsutake Season on the West Coast.
Sorry Guys!

September 10th/ 2018 - Meet at 8 AM

                 Only 30 tickets available

@ The Waubaushene Food Mart.

  Early Tickets Are: $25(Available until Sept 5th

           & Last-Minute guests pay $30 cash

                Everyone is Welcome!

Wild Gourmet Mushroom Focused Foray 

 This will be the biggest Fungicopia event of the year!

It will be an annual event and my hope is, it will attract both Novice & Experienced Mushroom foraging enthusiasts alike.

It depends on the size of the crowd, but I can only handle taking out 4-5 people at a time. Any more than that and its very difficult to keep people focused and alert. Novice foragers will tend to pick up every variety of mushroom they can find and this can really slow down the group. 

I have specifically chose this date, because its the prime season for several varieties of top notch mushroom delicacies. We will meet up at 8am, have a coffee, and gather ourselves into groups. Each group will have one of my experienced staff to assist and explain the surrounding forests. Before we carpool to the select forests, we will cover the broad strokes of Mushroom Foraging rules and etiquette. The group leaders will know what mushrooms are good to bring back for afternoon Dinner/Lunch, and will explain the subtle differences with visuals. You will learn invaluable knowledge and I know we will have an incredible day out there. If its your first time foraging for mushrooms, you will learn A LOT, in one day with an expert. I would say: a single day in the woods with me, would be the equivalent of 2-3 years of field guide studying experience. Your confidence will rise as you feel more competent with real life experience. I will teach you the basic rules, safety, and dangers present in the beautiful forests of Simcoe County. Upon our return, we will have a large Lunch/Dinner made from all the best gourmet mushrooms found in the Great Lakes region. We will also discuss the day as a collective, and I will answer any questions people might have. It will be a great time and everyone who goes will share a common interest or love for Fungi. Getting mushroom foragers together is always a special time :)

Good food, Good people, Great Golly!

Next Lecture/ Seminar/ Tutorial(*Reserve Your Spot @ On The Products Page)

 How To Grow Mushrooms On Logs & In Straw Bags

December 13th /2018(Barrie, location not yet specified ** I'll let everyone know where) -  

       Mushroom Cultivation Workshop/ Seminar

           Time 6PM-8PM       $40 Per Person, or $45 @ the door       15 Tickets available

  In this seminar/tutorial, I will demonstrate all the steps necessary to cultivate mushrooms on both Hardwood Logs & in Straw Bags. There is about 45 minutes of Lecture & Slideshow, 40 Minutes of live tutorial, and then time to discuss and ask any questions you might have. Everyone leaves with a *special gift* and the knowledge to produce your own delicious mushrooms, right at home. Its invaluable life experience and will significantly change your perspective on nature, specifically Fungi. There will also be all sorts of cultivation supplies, cultures, and spawn available for sale at the end of the Seminar!

Fungicopia FREE Morel Foray - May 18th/2018

   This spring was not the best season for Morel mushroom species. In fact, we missed the black morel flush completely and we were two weeks behind for white & golden morels. There was simply not enough heavy showers. Morel mushrooms are sac fungi and are mostly comprised of water. This means they need a lot of rainfall and high humidity to produce the large flushes we are accustomed to in early Spring. I took out a group of 6 people for a 4 hour excursion and we were able to find about 4 lbs of delicious golden & white morels. Just enough to cook a nice morel lunch.

Fungicopia FREE Summer Foray - July 21st/2018

  Today we took out 4 people for a quick mid summer foray. We were able to locate several gourmet species such as: Golden Chanterelles, Lobster Mushrooms, Chicken of The Woods, Amanita jacksonii, and Hedgehog Mushrooms. **We came across a very rare fungi phenomenon, which was the fruiting body of Chaga. These long, soft tubes, drop down the sapwood of the tree and explode the bark off the birch host. Foraging during the mid summer heat can be some of the best hunting of the year. However, this is only the case when there is heavy rain. If its a dry summer, many of these mushrooms will not produce, with the exception of Lobster Mushrooms(which form under the leaf litter and burst even during droughts). Amanita jacksonii is a relatively short window of opportunity, so we collected as many prime specimens as we could. In the next couple weeks, as the nights get cooler, several new species of mushrooms will be in full bloom. Delicious wild mushrooms such as Cinnabar Chanterelles, Horn of Plenty, King Boletes, and Hedgehogs will be abundant in various forests.

^Above: Mikey M. holds his find of the day. Some gorgeous Amanita jacksonii 'buttons! 

Above: Golden Chanterelles 

Left: Rick G with a beautiful COTW find

Fungicopia News

New Mushroom Field Guide Available Soon!

Date: February 28/2017

Release Date: January, 26th 2018. I will be mailing out the first issue of my NEW , self published, softcover Field Guide: 

"Fool In The Rain".

A comprehensive guide to foraging Gourmet & Medicinal mushrooms in Eastern North America. If you would like to pre-order a copy, you can purchase on the products page. If you purchase a copy before December 1st/2018 - You save $10 off your copy. I appreciate any pre-orders, because it will help me print more copies!

Regular Price: $45 per copy

August 12/2018

Hello everyone!

I have just gave the website a huge information overhaul. Within the next 4 weeks, the entire website will be close to complete and all our products will be available online. I really hope you benefit from my hard work and effort, im almost out of steam!

Starting August 25/2018 

      @ The 400 Market

3PM(Sharp)- 3:30PM, Sunday

Every Sunday, we will hold a FREE, 20-30 minute Mushroom Log Tutorial, where you can watch the steps needed to make outdoor logs, which will produce delicious mushrooms for many years, with almost no maintenance.

October 2018, Matsutake

I will be heading to Northern BC for the month of October, for the Matsutake season. I will be sending back 1, overnight air shipment of pristine, fresh Matsutake buttons. If you would like to order some, you can come pick them up when the shipment arrives.