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     EZ-FRUIT Mushroom Grow Kits - Grow Your Own Mushrooms At Home!

 The EZ-Fruit Mushroom Kit, is a fool proof way to cultivate your own gourmet & medicinal mushrooms at home. Simply remove the filter patch or cut off the top of the bag to expose the mycelium to oxygen. Cover with a loose fitting bag or place into a plastic tote. Mist daily and fan daily. Within 10 days, you will have amazing mushrooms forming before your eyes! All my mushroom kits are guaranteed, so if you fail for some reason, I will replace your mushroom kit(just cover shipping)! I have a great variety of mushroom kits available all seasons of the year, let me know if there is a species you want, that isn't listed. If you purchase a kit, you can expect up to 10 days before we mail out your order. It takes time to grow out the mycelium

Thank you!