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Cultivating Maitake - The Hen of The Woods
                                                                 (Grifola frondosa)

Maitake is a beautiful polypore that resembles a chicken huddled at the base of an oak. It is an incredible Gourmet & Medicinal mushroom, perhaps the most significant!

There are many edible medicinal mushrooms, but I would consider Maitake the most powerful and the most delicious. Its very tender and meaty, extremely versatile in dishes, can be stored for long periods of time, and you can even make delicious jerky!! If you harvest Maitake in the wild, you will seldom find less than 5lbs and can often stumble across 20-30lb specimens! Cultivation of Maitake is somewhat difficult and a very lengthly process. You need to use a large substrate, because kits smaller than 10lbs will only yield tiny little 'nubs'  or small clusters. Similar to Chicken of The Woods, Hen of The Woods prefers to be grown on Oak, which it is found in association with, in the wild. The mycelium of this species tends to start slowly, then explode after a couple weeks. Needs temps cooler than 15 degrees at night, in order to initial fruiting.