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          A Quality Liquid Culture Makes All The Difference!

  When it comes to cultivating mushrooms, a quality liquid culture makes all the difference. All of our liquid cultures are 100% guaranteed contaminant free, and are made with aggressive growing mycelium. You can expect visible growth on grains, within 3 days of inoculation. I have never sold a contaminated culture, ever. If something happens during shipping, or for some reason you do get a contaminant, please contact me for a replacement! If you're looking for several species, bulk discounts are available! I have a lot of species that aren't listed here, including mycorrhizal species i've isolated from the wild. Please contact me for rarer species.

For some species, it may take a couple days to grow out fresh mycelium, so expect a small delay. I use most of the species listed, regularly, so this should rarely be an issue! I am constantly expanding my collection, if you have a species that isn't listed, please contact me for potential trade opportunities.