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Cultivating Lions Mane(Hericium erinaceus)

   Lions Mane is quickly becoming one of the most common cultivated mushrooms in North America. Its unique standing as both a delicious gourmet mushroom and also a powerful Nootropic, medicinal mushroom; make it an incredible source of nutrition. I have been cultivating & selling Lions Mane for about 8 years. I have hundreds of testimonials which attest to its powerful brain enhancing ability, in addition my own personal experience. I cook and consume Lions Mane about 2-3 times per week and I take 2 droppers of my Lions Mane Dual Extract, every morning. 

For more information on the health benefits of Lions Mane, please visit the Medicinal Mushroom Page by clicking the link below.

Below: A Perfect Lions Mane Fruiting Body


Above: Lions Mane 1L Kit. Produces at least 1/2 lb per jar! Easy to fruit! 

Above: This is the 1L kit fruiting!

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