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 Kurotake(Black Mushroom) - Boletopsis grisea

                            Edibility: CHOICE, 'with prep

It was thought to be a bolete, but its actually considered a polypore! Rare and impressive, Im always happy to come across a couple in a weeks picking. I often find these popping up from under the moss or needle litter, at the same time at Matsutake, even around the same trees, Hemlock. This mushroom is a good indicator that Pine Mushrooms are available or will be soon. If Pine Mushrooms are the Ying, then Kurotake is the Yang. I consider them nearly as meaty as Matsutake. Very dense. Scent ranging from faint to mild, but pleasant. Bitter tasting flesh that is lost when the mushroom is dried or soaked in a brine, as it was traditionally done in Japan. I prefer them dried 

How To Identify: Boletopsis grisea

Cap: 5-18cm broad, often convex, broadening with age and darkening in colour. Early in the season, I tend to find more of the dark coloured variations. Later in the fall and early winter, the colour is pale, almost grey/white. Flesh is white and meaty. ** DOES NOT HAVE GILLS, it has pores.

Stipe: 2-9cm tall and 3-4cm thick. The stipe is the same colour as the cap, partial veil absent 

Spores:  Hyaline to pale-tan in colour, subglobose with nodulose surface

Above: Colour range from light grey/dark grey - black, but pores always white.

Above: Light grey coloured Kurotake

Where to find B. grisea?

You can find B. grisea growing on its own or in cespitose clusters, usually pushing moss or stick mat up with its dense fruiting body. It seems to prefer cooler temperatures, but has slowed down near the end of October in the Terrace region of BC. It enjoys the same areas as Pine mushrooms and ive even found both Kurotake & Matsutake mushrooms growing in symbiosis with the same tree! Kurotake is symbiotic with various pine tree sp. and especially mountain hemlock. 

The Intrepid Forager: Episode 3 - Kurotake