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Hawks Wing - Sarcodon imbricatus  

  The Hawks Wing mushroom is quite a charmer. With its feathered looking cap, you can see where it gets the name. It likes hemlock, Engleman spruce, pine forests and can be found in abundance up the mountainsides. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a specimen that the bugs havnt gotten to first. For this reason, you can only really harvest young specimens. The flesh is similar to the Hedgehog and Chanterelle, however its slightly bitter, mushroom flavour unless thoroughly cooked. I really enjoy it in soups as a Shiitake replacement. There are no poisonous look-alikes, so youre safe in that regard. Fruits from September-October. 

How To Identify The Hawks Wing Mushroom

  Younger specimens are usually paler in colour, growing darker and more brown with age. They can attain tremendous sizes if the rains are heavy enough, but only the smaller specimens seem to be any good. They like cooler nights and lots of humidity, not unlike their cousin, the Hedgehog.

Cap: Convex when young, developing a depression with age. Inrolled margin, top of cap feathering of dark scales, similar to a hawks wing.

Teeth: The underside of the cap is covered in tiny spines or teeth, which run down the stipe. The teeth are pale when young, darkening with age

Stipe: Solid, soft, white-light brown flesh. Fairly smooth and dry like hedgehog mushrooms

Spore Print: Brown