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Fungicopia Is A Relatively Cheap Franchise To Open

    With most franchises these days(Tim Hortons, Subway, Smoothie Shops), you'd have to spend over $100,000.00 just to buy the name. Then you have to invest another $300,000.00- $500,000.00 to construct the franchise and equip it. You also sometimes need, upwards of $1 Million in equity that you can use as collateral. Then, over the course of several years, you pay off the debt and pay your franchise fees, monthly. 

This is absurd. Basically, to start one of these franchises, you would already need to be wealthy and the profits are minimized because of all the fees. Its not realistic for most.

   With an investment cost of $10,000.00(and another $20-30 thousand to construct your facility), you can open your province's only Fungicopia franchise. There are no franchise fees, no hidden charges, and unlimited benefits to opening your very own Fungicopia operation. Read below to understand all the benefits and advantages of investing in our growing operation!

    So You're Interested In Becoming A Gourmet/Medicinal Mushroom Business

     Maybe you've witnessed the tremendous wave of people who are becoming interested in the Fungi kingdom, or perhaps you enjoy the idea of cultivating your own mushrooms for a living. Either way,

its clear that mushroom businesses will become more and more popular in North America in the future years. This is inevitable, because as people become more interested in the 'forgotten kingdom', they realize that mushrooms are extremely valuable and interesting. 

One issue that people will have when trying to create their own mushroom based business, is that it requires A LOT of experience and confidence in order to produce profitable results. You will also find it difficult to specialize in one particular aspect of mycology, you need a diverse amount of products. Its not the kind of business where you can jump in head first, with little or no understanding of cultivation, and be successful. You need the expertise of an entrepreneur, producer, and mushroom cultivator. My whole business is focused around teaching others how to produce their own mushrooms and im very proficient at what I do. I would go as far as saying "I am one of, if not THE best person to learn from in Canada", and my hundreds of results would attest to that statement, as well as my success in the industry. 

Interestingly, I am looking to franchise Fungicopia and create 1 profitable mushroom business, in every province of Canada.

Fungicopia is quickly becoming the main mushroom headquarters of Canada. I will only open 1 Fungicopia business per province, so the first person to open a franchise, will have a complete monopoly on that province. I will not generate competition between my franchise holders.

Read below for information on how to open the only Fungicopia business in your province and if you are eligible. 

4 Different Types of Fungicopia Investment

1: Consultations

  If you have your own mushroom based business or are looking to start your own business, you don't need to invest in Fungicopia. I have helped 8 different companies across North America, to increase their product, increase their customer base, and significantly increase their production efficiency. You can set up a phone consultation, skype consultation, or even have me visit your location in person. Email: fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com 

2: Opening Your Fungicopia Storefront 

   If you would like to open a market or storefront, but don't want to bear the difficulty of building a factory, cultivating mushrooms, or producing product etc etc; you can buy into the Fungicopia Storefront franchise. This is for people that want to open their own storefront or farmers market booth. Your buy in will give you wholesale prices on all my products and the reputation Fungicopia has slowly built over the years. I will also be an unlimited supply of direct information, so that you never get stumped. I already have 2 different markets that are very successful and they are getting more popular every week. Franchising cost to open a Fungicopia storefront $5000.00.

3: Opening A Provincial Fungicopia Facility & Lab

   This is for people who are ready to open their own full scale facility, who are interested in operating a Provincial scale Fungicopia operation, and who want to own their own successful Mushroom business. This is definitely the most attractive form of Fungicopia franchise and has the most benefits. If you buy into the Provincial Franchise, you will receive: Unlimited species on culture(for life), free assistance and online help, wholesale Fungicopia products, all provincial Fungicopia customers and business, as well as guaranteed success and growth. I will also personally teach you everything you need to know about producing your own products and if you pay for my time, I will personally come to your facility and help you set up a functional operation.

Cost of a full scale operation and full franchise is an investment of $10,000.00

* In addition to this, It will cost you another $20,000.00-$30,000.00 to build your facility and lab, acquire all the supplies and equipment necessary; depending on the scale that you want your operation to be. Larger facilities will cost you more money, of course.


4: Cultivator Club Lifetime Membership

   This membership is for either extreme mushroom cultivators, or people who already have their own mushroom growing business. Its a cheap way to gain ownership of over 60(soon over 100) different species of commercially grown mushroom cultures. With this membership, you are privy to unlimited cultures. This means that if you end up losing a culture or want fresh genetics, we will send you a fresh slant or plate to work from. Commercial grade gourmet mushroom strains yield the most mushrooms, have the best flavour and colour, and are the easiest specimens to fruit in a controlled setting. These can sometimes cost over $300 per culture, but if you become a lifetime member, you have access to every species, whenever you want it, forever! **Must cover shipping costs

Franchising Makes Fungicopia Stronger, Your Investment Plays A Significant Role In Our Development 

  If you buy into Fungicopia, you're buying into my hard work and constant research and development. Fungicopia is changing the entire landscape of the Mycological industry in North America and our reputation and following are consistently growing. Buying into Fungicopia is an investment that will continue to grow over the years. This means that when you first start, you'll only continue to be more and more successful over time. One of the largest aspects of being successful, is building a local clientele. You'll be represented nationally by the Fungicopia reputation, but you must be able to develop relationships with your local customers. Our reputation is important to me and because there will only be one Fungicopia business per province, I only want to accept people who will promote the high standards of quality service and products, that Fungicopia produces. I invest incredible amounts of time and effort into assuring that you have success with your franchise, but I absolutely must charge a fair price for the opportunity, services, reputation, and wholesale priced products. The money that I accumulate from franchising, is invested into newer equipment and technology, new products & services, and into advertising the Fungicopia name and generating more business for you. 

Can I Open My Own Fungicopia Franchise? What If I Have No Experience?

     Whether you want to open your own mushroom growing business or are interested in opening a Fungicopia franchise, there are several options available. If you want to open your own business, because you are already a competent cultivator, you can purchase a Fungicopia Culture Membership, where you get a lifetime supply of every mushroom culture we have(The largest selection in Canada). 

            If you want to start a Fungicopia operation, all I require is:

-You're a hard worker and motivated.

-You can maintain good relationships with customers and promote Fungicopia in a positive manner.

- You have the money to invest.

- That you understand that starting your own mushroom business, is a lot of work.

- You're ready to learn and have a malleable mind 

It doesn't matter if you have any experience at all, but it definitely helps. The buy in pays for my time and experience and I guarantee success, so long as you follow my steps without error or shortcuts. I have taught hundreds of people how to grow mushrooms and I will continue to teach for many years to come.

If you dont feel confident that you will be a very good cultivator, just become a Fungicopia vendor and sell our incredible products. My products sell themselves, so this is a great option for people who dont want all the extra work, but want to make some money selling the best fungi products in Canada.

Above: One of My Successful Franchisees, Small & Profitable  

Above: Dried Chaga Products

Left: Lions Mane Kit, Fruiting A Beautiful Mushroom

Suppliers & Franchise Owners In Each Province 


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