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   ** I DO NOT cultivate psychoactive mushrooms. I sell the spores of specific species, for collectors and students of Microscopy. These spores are intended to be viewed under a microscope and are not intended to be grown by residents of Canada. It is *illegal* to cultivate Psilocybe cubensis species in North America. Fungicopia is not liable for any illegal activities of those who purchase spores online. All techniques found on this page are intended for information purposes only.

The History of Humans & Psychoactive Mushroom Species

  Mushrooms with psychoactive properties have a long history of human utilization. Most famously, is the connection between the Fly Agaric Mushroom(see below) and the traditional Pagan holiday, revolving around the winter solstice: Christmas. New research indicates that Psilocybin containing species have potential to treat mental health diseases, such as Dementia, Alzheimer's, Depression, and Anxiety(    ). While these psychoactive substances can be utilized for spiritual exploration, individual development, and medical advancements in neurology and psychology; they can also be abused, misused, and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. If you decide to ingest psychoactive substances, you should research the benefits and adverse effects, thoroughly. Personally, I think people with mental illness should stay away from these substances altogether, unless otherwise recommended by a doctor. I have heard hundreds of positive testimonials, from people across a wide spectrum of ages(19-65), who have found benefit from their experience with these psychotropic mushrooms. Recently, scientists unlocked the secrets of how to synthesize Psilocybin, synthetically; which means you may see these compounds concentrated and marketed by the pharmaceutical industry, soon enough. At least in Canada.

  In "Food of The Gods", Terence Kemp. McKenna, famously hypothesized that Psilocybin containing mushrooms were the 'Evolutionary Catalyst', directly responsible for the development of: language, the arts, religion, philosophy, projective imagination, science, and all of human culture! Essentially, its the evolutionary transition of our ancestors, from Homo erectus, to Homo sapien. 

Very roughly, from my perspective; the theory is an explanation for the massive growth in the human brain and its development, estimated around 200,000 years ago in the savannahs of Africa. Our ancestors were nomadic hunters at this time and followed herds of ungulated herbivores from the safety of forested canopies, to the vast fields of grasses and shrubs. As a biproduct of these ungulated mammals, some of the largest "dung loving" species of Psilocybin containing mushrooms, would have been widely available(and essential), as a food source at this time. The human-mushroom codependency increased over time, as protein sources became rarer and the need to diversify nutrition became a crucial component in survival. The results of ingesting these mushrooms would be enhanced brain function, increased libido, and increased visual acuity(  ), making these substances advantageous to the members who were lucky enough to explore these mushrooms as a source of nutrients. This hypothesis was coined the 'Stoned Ape Theory' and has gained tremendous support and interest amongst neuroscientists, anthropologists, and evolutionary biologists since its inception. Needless to say; I have adopted this theory as a realistic potential explanation to the rapid development of the human brain, during this era. It will be interesting to see what future evidence supports or refutes the details of this hypothesis.

The Unique History of The Fly Agaric Mushroom

  The mushroom made famous by Super Mario Brothers: the Fly Agaric, aka Amanita muscaria. This mushroom is not only stunningly beautiful, but also represents a long intertwined history with mankind and cultures around the globe. It is one of the most common mushrooms in the world and is found on nearly every continent, in almost every forest. Unknown to most, this beautiful mushroom also contains some of the worlds most powerful psychoactive compounds and has been utilized in many different ways throughout history. From Viking invaders in berserker mode to the delightful pagans of the past, you will discover that the Fly Agaric has a very interesting past, indeed. Perhaps this is news to you, but the original Christmas holiday, which was a Pagan celebration of Winter solstice; revolved completely around this particular mushroom. The red & white garments that Santa Claus wheres, the flying reindeer, the Christmas tree, etc etc all have their origins thanks to this particular mushroom!

Legality of Cultivating Magic Mushrooms

  Whether we like it or not: It is illegal to cultivate, distribute, or be in possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms, in North America. That includes both the United States & Canada. I am not up to date on the new laws surrounding these substances, nor the repercussions for those who are caught. I do know that, people who decide to grow their own 'magic mushrooms' are at risk of being arrested and tried, for breaking the law. If the laws have remained the same, and you are found with a certain amount of psilocybin mushrooms, it could be considered 'intent to distribute', and the old laws could have you charged with 3rd Degree Murder/ manslaughter(which is a bit rash, but I digress..). Although many people are curious about exploring/investigating these substances further, we must all remember the law surrounding these mushrooms and respect our local legislature; or be prepared to face the repercussions of breaking current laws. With that being said, I personally know a plethora of individuals who find significant medicinal benefits from these mushrooms(predominantly in terms of mental health), who are fully prepared to bear the full brunt of the laws and surrounding penalties. To them, the health benefits are so significant that they are willing to challenge their local laws. If there ever comes a day, where the legality of hallucinogenic mushrooms becomes more respected and accepted; society will need to determine safe protocols and educate people on the powerful effects that these mushrooms invoke. I firmly believe that all hallucinogenic substances should be completely off limits to minors under the age of 25, who's brains are still developing; from which an altered perception of reality may not prove beneficial. These are extremely powerful substances to ingest. They have the power to temporarily & radically alter the perception of reality, in individuals who consume them; and therefore should be respected and revered. The next decade shall be an interesting era of either self enlightenment, or repressed individuality. We shall see.

*We only sell the spores of various active species for spore collectors and microscopy enthusiasts. They are not intended to be grown.

Dangers of Foraging Wild Psychoactive Mushroom Species

  I would say a good 50%(purely speculative) of people that gain an interest in the field of Mycology; do so because of their experiences and curiosity with psychoactive mushrooms. Not always with the right intentions either.

  One of the largest dangers of foraging wild species of magic mushrooms, is identification and the lack of information on many of these smaller mushrooms(often referred to as LBM's); *especially if you are a novice. I highly recommend anyone who is new to this field of biology, to not immerse yourself in the notion of looking for wild magic mushroom species in your local areas. Most psychoactive species are the tiniest mushrooms found outdoors, and have minuscule visual differences from poisonous and potentially dangerous lookalike species. They are the most difficult mushrooms to identify in the wild and although you may be certain you've found what you are looking for; many people have thought the same thing before dying or winding up in the hospital in extreme distress. There are several features that experienced identifiers will be able to recognize and techniques like 'spore printing' are necessary to obtain a certain identification. Novice hunters often make the mistake of making to broad of assumptions and are willing to take dangerous experimental risks, because they do not understand the full implications of ingesting a misidentified species. I urge and caution anyone interested in foraging wild species of magic mushrooms, to do massive amounts of research and to reach out to those who are already very experienced in this particular sect of mycology. There are still innumerable species of LBM's(Little Brown Mushrooms) where the edibility and toxicity are unknown. Please use extreme caution if you insist in investigating this any further. 

How To Cultivate Psilocybe cubensis * In Countries Where It Is Legal

   If you live in a country where the cultivation of Psilocybin cubensis is not illegal, then you will rejoice to discover that these are some of the easiest mushrooms to grow! Most cubensis species are Coprophilous(dung loving) and grow on organic matter that has already been broken down by the digestive tracts of other organisms. Often referred to as 'secondary decomposers', they thrive in manure and grass based substrates. Some of the rarer species could be considered Saprophytic, as they are able to break down more complex substrates comprised of wood based cellulose and lignens. The techniques posted below are some different methods of cultivating these mushrooms with ease and with varying results. For more intricate cultivation information, visit the Cultivation page by pressing the button below!

This Video Contains All The Cultivation Information You Need For PF Tech