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 Hand Crafted, Organic, Essential Oils...

  Im excited to announce by Christmas 2018, Fungicopia will be offering hand crafted & organic essential oils! Essential oils are incredible and each has their own specific health related purpose. Its a very time consuming process and takes an incredible amount of herbs to create just one bottle, this is why essential oils are so expensive. On this page, I will show you how to create your own essential oils at home! We will also have healing salves and skin creams available soon. 

Our powerful essential oils are mostly made from our own herb gardens, including some of the following healing herbs & flowers:

1: Clove                                          11: Spearmint

2: Eucalyptus                                  12: Orange

3: Frankincense                              13: Lime

4: Lavender                                     14: Cinnamon

5: Peppermint                                  15: Lemmon Grass

6: Lemon                                         16: Vanilla

7: Oregano                                      17: Jasmine

8: Tea Tree                                      18: Ginger

9: Sandalwood                                19: Sage

10: Rosemary                                  20: Chamomille 

    How To Use Essential Oils

  There are many ways to utilize essential oils for healing and relaxing. Most typically, they are added to a diffuser to be inhaled. Did you know you can also add essential oils to your bath to relax? Some can be used in a compress, to remove slivers and aid in repairing bruises, aches, toothaches, and burns. You can make your own healing salves and of course, the classic: rubbing the essential oils on your wrists and inhaling the aroma! These incredible herbs are concentrated into their most potent natural form and the oils contain most of the herbs healing capabilities. Explore the power of concentrated essential oils, TODAY!