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Medicinal Mushrooms: Whole, Powdered, & Blends

  All of my dried mushroom products are grown by me or foraged from the wild, by me, with care. I select for only the finest quality, which is immediately apparent, when you compare my products to others on the market. I aim for return customers, so I ensure that my products are always the highest quality. All the products I sell, are the exact same products I use in my daily regiments.

 *We DO NOT buy Chaga. All of our Chaga is foraged using sustainable practices, which ensure the future propagation of Chaga populations in our forest ecosystems. I recommend to everyone, to try and find their own, and if you cant, then come see me. Searching for your own Chaga will help you appreciate how rare and illusive this fungi is, and how over-harvesting can decimate your local forest populations. 

  *All of my Cordyceps militaris products are made with the real mushroom, not the mycelium. If a product doesn't boast that its made with real Cordyceps mushrooms, then you can assume its comprised of mycelium, at 1/10th the potency.