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   I'm Very Proud To Say That All My Medicinal/Gourmet Mushrooms & Products, Are Grown In Canada, On Organic Wood Substrates, By Me(With the exception of Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms). All My Wild Mushrooms Are Foraged Sustainably In The Gorgeous Forests Of The Canadian Wilderness.

All of our wild mushrooms are foraged in a sustainable manner, in which the propagation of future generations is considered in the utmost regard. We only select the finest quality specimens with aesthetically appealing traits, leaving all the rest in the wild, to reproduce. This is usually 10-20% of the overall mushrooms I will encounter on a days foray, so the impact is greatly reduced.

With Chaga, we only harvest specimens 10 years+ in age(In the winter months), to ensure that the young specimens have had a chance to reproduce and complete their life cycle. Visit the Chaga page for more information.

All of our living cultures and species are proven fruiters and top quality specimens that should show growth within days of inoculation. We sell the same cultures and spores we use to grow our own mushrooms. That's how you know you'll get the best kits, freshest spawn, Agar plates, and (liquid culture)syringes! 



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