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Admirable Bolete(aka Velvet Top) - Boletus mirabilis

                           Edibility: CHOICE

Many people disregard this bolete, but its 2nd only to the King in terms of its culinary appeal. Its such a vibrant bolete too! The colour, the smell, the flavour!! All unique to this particular bolete species. Its flavour and colour, are like soft Citrus. Very dense meat, but often riddled with bugs, until later in the season. A good time to look for the Admirable is 24 hours after a rain from Sept-Nov in the PNW.

How To Identify The Admirable Bolete

If the bright red-brown, velvety/scaly cap and bright yellow/green pores arent enough to give this bolete away, look at the web-like netting running up the stipe! The flesh is dense and white/yellow. The stipe is often thicker at the base than at the top. The buttons of this mushroom are rare to find and exquisite ingredients. 

Above: Beautiful, bug free Admirables!

Left: Gorgeous Admirable Bolete button

Below: The perfect specimen