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                   Welcome To Fungicopia

** Covid 19 Virus Update:

     June 22/2020

  Well, the pandemic happened. We all know the last few months have been difficult and a test for humanity. We have lost a lot of good people and many small businesses have suffered a devastating blow. In my circumstance, I had to shut down my 400 Market venue(primary source of income) and wait a long time for supplies to arrive, I am still waiting for some things. This has put a halt on the production of some of our high quality products. At the same time, we have experienced a massive increase in our online sales and I was having a difficult time filling everyone's order in a timely manner. We make very high quality products and the demand continues to grow, while at the same time, quality products take time to create. I will not sacrifice quality for a hastily made product. To remediate this, we used the shut down time to locate a new Storefront/Facility and are now preparing to increase our production. We will also have a storefront 7 days a week(3-4hours/day), for those who can not visit us on the weekends. In light of this transition period, I have decided to shut down our online sales for 1-2 months, or until we open the new facility. If you have already made an order, do not worry, its either in the mail or being made currently!

 If you really want a product or need help, you can contact me at fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com or visit me at The 400 Market, Sat & Sun 9-5


*Note: I get hundreds of emails a week, literally. It is very difficult for me to keep in touch with everyone, let alone read all the emails. Please be extremely patient with my responses, I will get back to you!

  The 400 Market has opened again, and we will have our first weekend back(June 27&28)! We are excited to see everyone, but please! Don't shake my hand! I will be very tempted to shake an outstretched hand. Please keep at least 6 feet away from us, so that we can stay safe and keep everyone else safe, and of course if you're sick or have symptoms, please stay home! You can contact us for safe delivery to your door, if you are a local resident(Barrie, Simcoe, Tay).

Investment Opportunity: 

We are seeking a single, private investor for $50,000.00 in investment to construct a large mushroom producing facility. We have a location already and existing developed infrastructure and amenities. We have a lot of people who have inquired already, but we are looking for a particular someone, that we can work with. Inquire by email at fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com

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We Will Temporarily Be Unable To Fill Online Orders Between October 1st- November 15th 2019

  We will be foraging and filming the West Coast mushroom season and will be gone until November.   

Our 400 Market Venue, will have reduced hours and will be open Sundays from 9-5pm

If you need help with something, I will be unavailable at this time, so please wait until my return!

**Well, what can I say? We've been exceptionally busy trying to prepare for our upcoming adventure to the West coast for the upcoming Matsutake Mushroom season. I apologize if you have not received a response to your email or if you havn't yet received your online order, I have been overrun with business and have run out of stock on some products. If this is you, fear not, I will have your order mailed out in the next week! Don't worry, we will take care of you. I appreciate your patience and am working to improve my online customer service. 

September 2019 - Magnificent Matsutake Documentary & The Upcoming Mushroom Season On The West Coast
                                       Kickstarter Campaign Link Below To Help Fund Our Film 


    This will be my 8th season picking mushrooms on the BC coast and this year we will be filming it all. We will film the entire journey from Ontario-Northern British Columbia and the entire season of mushroom foraging. We will start close to the Alaskan border and follow the mushrooms down the coast to Vancouver Island. We will cover all aspects of foraging the true king of mushrooms, the White Matsutake and stuff 2 months worth of footage into a 45 minute documentary. I will cover the ecology of this mycorrhizal mushroom species; which host trees, what type of soil, temperature, and sustainable foraging practices. We will also cover the various myths of being a commercial mushroom picker, the highs and the lows, and why most people wouldn't want to do it.

** The documentary will be available to everyone, FOR FREE, on the Fungicopia youtube channel. 

There are a lot of costs to filming this documentary and we are completely self funded. We are hoping to raise $2000 to help cover our fuel, motel, and food costs, and appreciate every donation. There are lots of great gifts and awards for helping us reach our goal! 

you would like a dvd copy, you could support our kickstarter campaign by donating a few dollars to our cause! Every dollar helps 

          Thank you very much!

Just Like Mycelium; We Continue To Grow and Learn!

   Fungicopia is a small scale, research based, (sustainable)business, focused on utilizing fungi to make the world a better place to live in. I prefer a slow growth business model, where I can adapt and modify my techniques and maintain the highest quality products found on the market. One of my primary objectives is to create return customers. I want my reputation to precede me, so you can always expect the best quality and the finest information. 'Our mission as a business, is to become the worlds largest sporebank and the worlds largest source of free, fungi related information. We want to assist cultivators in obtaining rare species, and teaching them how to cultivate them. We want to obtain as many useful species as possible and study their impact on the environment, medicine, and the                                                                         culinary world!

My ultimate mission as a mycologist, is to pioneer the forefront of cultivation with mycorrhizal species(especially White Matsutake), which currently can not be grown on a commercial scale; because of the complex symbiotic relationship and communication, between host tree species and the mycorrhizal mushroom mycelium, bacteria, other fungi etc. These days, leaps in our understanding are being made and we have many mycorrhizal species available in culture form. What you can do with these cultures, is up to your skill level; but realize that expert mycologists from around the world are working around the clock to figure these cultivation techniques out. I have several techniques that have shown promise and minor results that I can build on an adapt. I have no doubt that Fungicopia will be the first company in the world, to cultivate the most delectable North American mushroom, The White Matsutake(T.magnivelare): Canada's largest mushroom export.

     One of the only sections of information that I will not share, is my cultivation techniques for various mycorrhizal mushroom species. This is due to the fact that people from all over the world, are stealing other people's hard work and passing it off as their own, ESPECIALLY in the field of Mycology. This will be well guarded information that I will pass down to my offspring as a family heirloom.

    I will continue to add content, videos, and tutorials FOR FREE, so please keep checking in with us! Fungicopia.com has been a lot of work and the website isn't even 50% complete. In the upcoming years, Fungicopia will become a staple for fungi enthusiasts, both cultivators and foragers alike. So stay tuned everyone!


        We strive to provide customers and members with the best service possible and only the finest quality, handmade, products. I am not online all the time, so the service will get better over time. The last few years, my main focus was on my local customers whom I meet up with every weekend. I am now seeing the potential of my online customer base. Everyday, we become a little better!

                         Some Mush Needed Help!      Meet Alyssa 

    Alyssa is the most important member of my team. She has spent countless hours working with me both in the lab, and out in the wilderness. She is constantly learning and digging deeper into the aether. She has already become an adept wild mushroom forager, but is now set on becoming a skilled gourmet mushroom cultivator. I rely on her knowledge to help me assist people with their cultivation or medicinal mushroom questions. If she doesn't know for sure, she'll find out!

  As a one man operation; I found it increasingly difficult to run both my 'face to face' venues and satisfy my online friends. I have several projects on the go, currently and two new books to release in the upcoming months. With Alyssa's help, I am able to now focus on producing new products and continuing my research, all the while, ensuring that all Fungicopia guests are taken care of. With the new help, you can expect your orders to be shipped out quicker and fast responses to your inquires. If you have any questions, issues with ordering, or can't reach me; you can now email Alyssa @  root2rise@fungicopia.com. She will be more than happy to help you with anything you need! 

                                       Please be kind, she is very nice and works hard to keep things flowing on my end. We are both exceptionally busy!

                                                                         Thank you!

                                                                     Fungicopia Staff

            The Newest Member of The Team:    Britney

 Britney is a dear friend of ours! She has kindly agreed to help me with the current workload and we love having her with us! She has experienced the powerful benefits of various medicinal mushrooms and healing substances, first hand. She is extremely fascinated with mycology and continues to learn and evolve. If you need anything, or can't reach the person you're trying to email, send Britney an email and she'll help us expedite the process.  You can email Britney directly at  britneylee@fungicopia.com

  "Hi everyone:) My name is Britney and I am Fungicopia's newest edition. I have always had a passion for natural medicine and living a healthy lifestyle. I love yoga, camping, hiking and mushrooms! I drink chaga tea everyday and absolutely love it. I feel so much energy and vitality from this gift from nature and it did wonders for my immune system this past winter. I also love lion's maine as I feel my mind works most optimally when I use the extract. It is perfect for when I need extreme focus or a lift in mood. The medicinal benefits that mushrooms have to offer are astounding and I had no idea there were so many! I have officially formed a lifetime love affair with mushrooms and look forward to learning more about them on my new journey with Fungicopia."

  *If Britney helped you out or if you would like Britney to receive a portion of your order, please use coupon code "brit" for a 10% discount!

I have devoted the last 12 years of my life to studying and understanding the cultivation of Fungi. For the rest of my life, I will continue to pursue my own intellectual endeavors with passion. When you purchase a Fungicopia product, you are investing in my research and providing me with the income necessary to continue my research, create new products, and share an increasing database of information that is FREE for everyone. Thank you!

       ****New Field Guide Release Date:
                 "Fool In The Rain" 
     An In Depth Pocket Guide To The Wild             Mushrooms of Eastern North America                          January 25th, 2019

Pre-order your copy on the Below!

 I have foraged mushrooms across North America(coast to coast), over the course of the last 10 years and have successfully cultivated over 120 different varieties of Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms. I wish to share my experience and skill with all who desire to learn!
I have tremendous projects planned for the next 2 decades. I hope you will become a part of my dream to build a better future for our species and the world.

Mushroom Logs - Inoculation Partnership

  There's literally no work for you. We do all the difficult work. Just sit back, and watch the mushrooms grow!

Do you have a large property and abundance of green hardwood trees?? Well... I have the mushroom spawn needed to inoculate them! I have created the first business agreement of its kind and have successfully formed a symbiotic relationship with several small scale farmers, homesteaders, & rural property owners. I have the skill, experience, and mushroom species necessary to produce mushroom logs on a tremendously large scale, but I lack 2 important things.   Space & Green Hardwood Logs.

 The agreement is that you provide the fresh hardwood logs and space to grow the logs and I will come and inoculate them/ set up the environment. You get to watch the mushrooms burst from the logs and have access to all the gourmet/medicinal mushrooms you can eat. The logs will all fruit mushrooms at the same time, so when you notice the mushrooms starting to form, you call us and we come and harvest. Typically, each log will produce between 1-2lbs per fruiting season. The mushrooms are packed and labelled for local sale. We pay $2-5 per lb on average and require at least 100 hardwood logs to make it worth the time and effort. I will also take some of the logs back for my personal collection, but we always negotiate based on each individual situation. If you need me to clear a lot, I will have to charge a Slashing rate, but depending on the work, also negotiable.

  We have had a lot of success with this in the last 2 years, but I have also been burned several times. I am much wiser now and not interested in being duped.  

We now protect ourselves with a binding document stating that the logs are the property of Fungicopia for 5 years and that we can not be kicked off the land or the logs removed or damaged for 5 years. Any deviation from the document or greediness would result in a payment of $20 per log from the land owner and my immediate dismissal of the project or future energy expenditure. 

FUNGICOPIA Is Ontario's First Wild Mushroom Buyer!

   I have picked wild mushrooms my entire life, the last 10 years, i've picked commercially across North America. I've worked as a mushrooms grader, dealt with exporting, and have sold my delicious mushrooms to more than 20 restaurants across the country.

In order to sell me your mushrooms, you MUST complete the Wild Mushroom Foraging Testwhich is a simple test designed to emphasize the importance of foraging in a sustainable manner and how to do so, without impacting the environment from which you find them. The test is also meant to inform you on what mushroom species we accept, which mushrooms are poisonous, and how/when/where to harvest. 

The cost of the test is $25 and you must pass in order to sell me your mushrooms. Upon passing the test, I will take your picture and laminate your Foragers Card, which will allow you to sell your mushrooms to Fungicopia. This test is also designed, so that I dont have hundreds of people bringing me bags of random mushrooms, which will end up in the garden. 

If you're interested in selling your mushrooms to me, please email fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com 

The first mushrooms to be harvested in 2016, will be Morel Mushrooms - in May

The most bountiful season for mushroom picking, is through the end of the Summer- Late fall

August 14/2016 - Wild Ontario Gourmet Mushrooms To Watch Out For!

-Golden Chanterelles(we pay $10/lb) are out currently, as well as Lobsters($5/lb), & Cinnabar Chanterelles($10/lb). Anytime now, we'll be getting a flush of King Boletes($10/lb), Horn of Plenty), Hen of The Woods($5/lb), and Blewits($12/lb), Horn of Plenty($8/lb)

*Restaurants Where You Can Find My Mushrooms!

           *** I am currently looking for new clients and restaurants to add to my list. Buying your wild mushrooms from me guarantees that you will get only fine quality specimens, that you'll have a selection available to no one else, and that your business will be posted here on the list; so that my customers can find you and your mushroom dishes!

#1:  Lilly's Italian Eatery A wonderful gourmet restaurant with exquisite chefs. They're always looking for different ingredients to make new and delicious dishes with, including my local, wild, gourmet mushrooms! If you're looking to try some rare and delectable mushrooms that you will likely never see again, these guys get only my finest wild specimens. 

Over 30 years in the business, these guys have incredible atmosphere and wonderful staff, including some of the finest chefs I've ever encountered. 

      If you enjoy amazing pasta dishes, salads, soups, steak, etc etc, then you have to go try them out for dinner. 

Call and make a reservation: (705) 245-0909

   223 King St, Midland, ON

#2: The Explorers Cafe - A really unique restaurant with amazing chefs! A cheery, artsy atmosphere, specializing in a diverse dishes from Spain, India, Mexico, New Zealand, and many other nations. I know that the owner only uses the finest ingredients, and if possible, Local Produce and Wild Mushrooms. Check them out online and look out for their upcoming special events and dinners!

 Call and make a reservation:  (705) 527-9199

    345 King St, Midland, ON 

#3: La Terrazza - A great restaurant atmosphere with wonderful food. I sell them wild gourmet mushrooms every fall and they turn them into flavourful dishes. Incredible pasta dishes, steak, and seafood. They occasionally have truffle oil available during the season and last year they were able to do some amazing grilled Matsutake, even though they had never used them before!

Call: (205) 686 9872 to inquire

    Sooke, British Columbia

#4: Mumfords Beerhouse and Grill -  Amazing food and beer, great atmosphere! The best chefs in Terrace, utilizing fresh local ingredients, where possible.

Call to reserve a seat for dinner or drinks, great staff.

Call: 250-635 1444

  5430 BC-16, Terrace, BC V8G 4R6

Lions Mane(Hericium erinaceus)

       Chicken of The Woods
      (Laetiporus sulphureus)

Reishi(var Ganoderma tsugae)

         Horn of Plenty

 Golden Chanterelle

Cinnabar Chanterelle

           Community Foraging Excursions, FREE!!

          For Foray Schedules, visit: News/ Upcoming Events Page 
    I occasionally rally small groups of invested individuals, to gather and foray as a collective. We meet and head out by 8AM, arriving at the forest of choice, by 9AM. We then proceed to meander through the forest, searching for any fungi we can find. I explain what species of mushrooms are edible and delicious and which are poisonous, or meant to be avoided. We also encounter many medicinal mushrooms, from which you can create your own medicinal tea or tinctures, right at home. I teach people how to forage mushrooms in a sustainable manner, so that the forests are left undamaged and the mushrooms, not over harvested or pillaged. I consider this a large aspect of my community work and have helped hundreds of people to become more comfortable with the seemingly limitless varieties of mushrooms found around the Great Lakes region of Canada.
If you're someone who is afraid of picking wild mushrooms, heading into the woods with an experienced forager is the best thing you can do! Once someone can visually show you the subtle differences, you'll feel confident in your individual foraging quests. Never ingest a wild mushroom unless you have identified it with 100% certainty. That means, if you're a new forager, definitely have an expert check what you've brought home. Your foraging skills are questionable at best. until you've successfully foraged several species, so don't trust your own judgement. You can even email me pictures, but you must send 3 pictures of the 3 important angles. The top of the cap, the underside(gills/pores), and one of the stipe. This is the only way I can give you a certain identification, from pictures. 

I Need Fresh Cut, Harwood!! Must Be Green Wood, No Dead Trees Please!

I inoculate hardwood logs in order to produce some varieties of gourmet mushrooms like, Shiitake, Oysters, Lions Mane, etc etc. Instead of constantly cutting down trees, I try to obtain my logs from sustainable sources. If you are clearing a lot, trimming large branches off the big oak, or know of someone who has just cut down some living hardwood trees, give me a shout and ill come pick them up! I will even clear an area for you, if you need some small trees taken down. If you have hardwood logs and are looking to sell, we can work something out, either cash or trade.
Email: fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com  or text: 705-427-7647

Shiitake Logs Fruiting In The Early Fall. Very easy!!

Now Available: Quality and Affordable Woodlot Clearing, Brushing & Slashing

   Do you have a woodlot that needs clearing? Hiking trails cut? Want to save on paying someone to clear?

I offer a hardwood clearing service in exchange for hardwood logs. I use the logs to grow mushrooms and because I need green, living trees, it can be tough for me to find the wood I need. A sustainable approach to collecting these logs is through people who have to cut them down anyways. I do a bang up job and work like a horse, and you're also being green!

I have a chainsaw for wood and a brush-saw for large grass, shrubs, and small trees

*If you don't want to part with the hardwood, we offer a per hectare price as well.

The Very Finest, Organic, Soil Fertilizer & Garden Soil:
                    Sustainable, Spent Mushroom Substrate 

  Our process of growing mushrooms on sawdust blocks leaves us with a bi-product that may be more important than the mushrooms the sawdust produces. This bi-product is Spent Mushroom Substrates, or SMS(my coined terminology), the remaining nutrients and leftovers from the mycelium breaking down the sawdust. Instead of throwing out these blocks when they stop producing mushrooms, we instead, collect the spent substrate and use it as a complete soil, or as an organic slow release nutrient supplement to enhance poor soil quality. We have done continuous experimentation the last 4 years, trying to determine how effective SMS is as a substrate to farm plants in. The results have been shocking.

      I Harvested The North American Record, Grade 1 Matsutake Button, 2017!!  

               NA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION 2017

A Whopping 2.46lb Perfect, Grade 1 Matsutake Specimen! It was completely underground and all I spotted was a massive hump, which I assumed was a rock. I was shocked to discover this!

 You're looking at the North American Champion. There was no bigger grade 1 Matsutake picked on the entire west coast. When I walked into Rick's(The best mushroom buyer in Northern BC), I think he almost had a heart attack. We ran a competition to see if anyone had found a larger specimen, but the next largest specimen that was harvested, was 1.7lbs. My massive button was 2.46lbs!! Needless to say, I was in the newspaper and the mushroom was sold at  special auction for an absurd amount of $, probably over $5000 for this individual specimen.

It was the size of a soccer ball! Rick(The buyer), was overjoyed and excited to boast this incredible find!
It was even in the local newspaper.

2018 North BC, Mushroom Foraging Season: Is Shaping Up To Be A Great One!

   Foraging in Ontario has been wonderful all summer and this early fall will be fantastic! With that being said, I will be heading back to my Matsutake stomping grounds on the farthest reaches of the Canadian BC coastline for the month of OCTOBER. I will be filming a new television series and I will not have any spare time to take people out, but if you're willing to pay me enough and cover your own expenses, I could definitely have you tag along and show you the ropes. I normally don't take anyone out at all for Matsutake, its a sacred mushroom and experience for me. Having people around is always somewhat of a burden for Matsutake foragers 'in the Zone' and the areas in which you find them are the absolute greatest secret in the mushroom foraging world. Forget hiding your Morel mushroom patches, people literally get in fist fights and car tires get slashed. Its a whole other league of mushroom foraging. I don't really want to have to manage people or take time from my own foraging, but I've had people inquire several times about travelling out. You have to be somewhat in shape, because its climbing up and down mountains all day and I don't stop. Not for bears, not for other mushrooms, not for anything. For these reasons, I almost try and deter people from wanting to come out, with a high price tag and accurate depiction. An average day will earn you anywhere from $200-$500 as a novice picker(if you're with a pro), depending on the weather during the fall season. The land is pure magic and a week up in the Northern BC coastal forests, will rejuvenate your mind and soul.

 Cost for 1 week of the best mushroom picking you'll ever experience, with the master himself: You're looking at $3000 for a week, plus your expenses. *Transportation is covered and I have lodging available for those interested. The experience is worth more than what i'm charging and will change your life! I cant explain how incredible & magical the Matsutake Mushroom foraging is. 

There is also world renowned fly fishing and 4 types of salmon avaiable at this time, which thousands of people travel to each Autumn. 

                                You simply need to experience it for yourself! Words can not do this experience any justice.

*** Update: The 2018 Matsutake mushroom season was a complete bust!! 

  The area in which I forage traditionally, is mostly an old growth rain forest with tonnes of rain. However, it did not rain all Summer. When I arrived October 6th, they were just getting their first rain. I believe I foraged a total of maybe 10lbs of mushrooms for the season. Absolutely, unheard of! Thankfully, the pent up energy from this season is sure to make for an excellent 2019 season, weather permitting.

      2017 Mushroom Foraging Excursions, British Columbia. *Not Accepting Reservations This Season*

Hello friends!
Last picking season was incredible and the 2017 season is shaping up to be the best year, yet! Well, not for pine mushrooms anyhow. They are having a relatively slow start this fall.

I will have tons of varieties of gourmet mushrooms, available both fresh and dried. We ship overnight, anywhere in Canada. So Yes, even Paul in Halifax can enjoy fresh Matsutake buttons.

Unfortunately, I will be picking full time from August 25-November 15th and will not have time to take people on mushroom excursions this season. If you want to check out some of the mushrooms available this fall, please check out the variety of species on the Wild Mushroom page.

        2016 Foraging Excursions, British Columbia. Now Accepting Reservations! (2016 Season Complete)

   Ever wanted to go picking rare and delicious mushrooms?! The rugged wilderness of British Columbia or the beautiful deciduous forests of the Great Lakes; offer some of the finest foraging terrain in North America! Have you ever wanted to learn about the wild mushrooms found all around us? Which ones are poisonous vs. which ones are delectable? Many people doubt their own knowledge and stay away from mushrooms altogether. However, a day in the woods with an expert, will make a world of difference. Your confidence in picking wild mushrooms will greatly increase and will become a favourite past timeThere are several mushroom species that we will forage commercially  Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter and we are happy to share our experience and knowledge with people who want to learn. To reserve your spot, email fungiarethefuture@yahoo.com
We provide water, snacks, and guaranteed success. Everyone goes home with delicious mushrooms, confidence, and skills you'll have for the rest of your life!
Fall 2016 Species
-Pacific Chanterelles (Sept-End of October)
-Lobster Mushrooms(August-September)
-Matsutake or Pine Mushroom(September-January)
-King Bolete(August-October)

`**We only take groups of 1-2 people per day. $100 day rate, per person. 5-6 hours hiking, provide your own equipment. Excursions subject to change, based on the weather.

2015 Wild Mushroom Foraging Excursions, Ontario. Now Accepting Reservations! (2015 Season Complete)

  This is the 3rd season that I will be taking small groups of individuals out on mushroom foraging tours. Its a great way to spend a day and new foragers will gain incredible amounts of valuable knowledge and hands on experience. One day out in the woods, will have you confident in the identification of several gourmet and medicinal, mushroom species. You'll go from completely unaware to completely addicted in one afternoon. Its an experience that will stay with you for life and become an instant favourite pastime! Once you learn the basics from a pro, you can continue to hone your skills on your own. Learning from a field guide is nowhere near as valuable, especially if you are just starting out.

    **Groups of 1-2 people, $100 per person. 5-6 hours of hiking, must wear proper footwear                                                                      and be ready to hike off the beaten path. Excursions are subject to change, based on the weather.

Above: Matsutake Haul 2016

Right: Pacific Golden Chanterelle

Below: Yellow-Foot Chanterelle

Below: Grade #1 Matsutake Buttons(Pine Mushrooms)

For People Who Think Mushrooms Are Gross. Think Again! 

  Don't like mushrooms?! I didn't Either. Until...

   I don't get excited when someone says they''re cooking white button or portobello mushrooms, the only mushrooms available in Canada, until recent years. They are secondary decomposers that break down manure and produce the flavorless, nutrient lacking, mushrooms we have all ingested at some point or another. They are easily grown in the thousands of pounds and are found in any grocery store in Canada.

To me, they have sullied the good name 'Mushroom'.

            Portobello are alright, I guess...



Our Cultivated Mushrooms, grow exclusively on wood or straw and have a different flavour, texture, and nutrient content than the common mushrooms grown in manure.

Our Wild Foraged Mushrooms, are finest in the country, probably. I love bragging about them, because I honestly only harvest perfect specimens. I'm a gourmet chef's best friend. I can offer you rare ingredients that can be found nowhere else.

 "It takes longer to grow 'wood loving' species and a lot more work, but the results are incredibly delicious and beautiful. That's why my mushrooms are sought by gourmet restaurants and connoisseur chefs."

   Despite what you might think, growing enough mushrooms to feed your family and friends is relatively cheap, and easy! Once you obtain the initial, staple equipment and a few strains of mushrooms, cultivating your own tasty mushrooms at home costs next to nothing. We provide free video tutorials and pictures to assist growers from novice to advanced experience levels. Im currently working on the you cultivation series. If you've never tried growing mushrooms, to your surprise, you may find they are easier to grow than plants! Our task is to create new, successful mycologists, so we will always do our best to help you achieve your cultivation goals.

Cheaper Yet, and even more delicious than cultivated mushrooms: Foraging wild tasty mushrooms costs nothing at all! All you have to do is study up on your local species and head out into the wilderness. You can use our field guide for free and ask other members for tips, or head out on a day long excursion with some real experts! Never consume a mushroom you haven't identified with 100% certainty, don't just take someones word for it. Knowing what mushrooms you shouldn't eat is far more valuable than just avoiding fungi altogether.

Eventually, it will be second nature and you will navigate through the forests with ease, collecting hidden treasures as you go.

The Ultimate, Iron Chef Japan: Mushroom Collection

I am, without a doubt, one of 'Iron Chef: Japan's biggest fans. It is the greatest cooking show of all time and all others pale in comparison. I've seen every episode, but I thought you guys would really enjoy the mushroom episodes, at the very least. You get to view how Japanese and European master cooks, would use the different ingredients and how they would prepare exquisite new flavours. Fantastic for anyone who's wondering how they can make their mushroom dishes taste better, or just a new recipe you've never tried before! Every episode is, EPIC. Thats the only word for it. Enjoy guys

Iron Chef Japan: Matsutake Battle #1

Iron Chef Japan: Matsutake Battle #2

Iron Chef Japan: Maitake Battle

Iron Chef Japan: Shiitake Battle

Iron Chef Japan: Porcini Battle

Iron Chef Japan: Variety Mushroom Episode!! Awesome!!           

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